Book Review Services

Book Reviews Services

At Book Reviews Web, you get free book reviews as well as promotional book review packages. We are a part of highly distinguished and decorated international literary magazine and our board of reviewers is highly skilled and experienced in writing book reviews. You can get your book featured on our website by providing us a free copy of your book on our postal address. However, because we receive too many requests for book reviews, it might take a little while for us to review your book. Nevertheless, if you want us to review your book quickly, we charge a little reading fee for that. (There is nothing like a free lunch today! 😎) 

Our Packages: 

One-Week Review: Cost – INR 1,000 only! 
In this package, we will review your book within a week from the date we receive the book. We will also post the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Moreover, we will also promote the review and your book on our social media channels. 

Two-Week Review: Cost – INR 700 only! 
In this package, we will review your book within two weeks from the date we have received your book. We will post the review on Amazon and goodreads as well. Like the another program, we will promote the review on our social media platforms also. 

How to send the book copy? 
To cut the costing and timing, we prefer to receive the copies of books directly from Amazon. You can send us the amount of the package including the book’s price (including the delivery charges) and we will purchase the copy. It will also enable us to post the comment as a verified purchase which will strengthen your book’s amazon presence. 

Interested? Contact us on our official email address: 

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