Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Modern Literature and the web of romance fiction – have you been bitten too?

 Without being rude or disrespectful towards anyone, I would like to make a statement. Contemporary romance that smells more of the body than abstract sucks pretty bad! If you are a passionate reader of novels, you will surely understand my concerns here. I am not targeting any particular author. I am telling what I feel after reading so many novels written by contemporary novelists in India and outside. Excessively repetitive, overly used themes are employed with very naive thinking that readers will fall for the characters and their absurd romantic mishaps... and a few do. And it is even more problematic to realise that more and more young authors are trying their hands in this genre because they idealise a few successful, clever and bestselling authors who have sold millions of copies of romance. Sans romance. Excessive romance. Whatever! Yes, you might see book review websites going gaga over newly published literature or a debut romance that stirred readers' into awe... I never pay heed to those because I know their ins and outs. 

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Motivational Literature – the genre that has evolved with time!

In India, things keep changing. Some things, however, change because they must and some things are forced to change because they must change urgently. The same stands true in the context of literature as well. We have the trend of romantic literature today in fiction. In non-fiction, authors are truing their hands at motivational or self-help literature. There are many authors who claim to write the best motivational literature and many others who are really the bestsellers! However, how much has the genre changed? Does it accommodate all the concerned target audience? Let's discuss it.

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Does content in literature change the equations? An opinion

Julius Caesar might be appealing to the world with an opinion that he was a powerful personality and a statesman of repute. However, to a reader sitting in India, Caesar is nowhere near the characters from our history like Bhishma Pitamah and King Bharat. At the same time, the world might rejoice the outstanding skills at war displayed by Achilles, the great Greek warrior who single-handedly veered across the lines during the mythological Trojan War. However, can he be a warrior as force as Arjuna or Karna for an Indian? I am sure the answer should be NO! And this is why, we must agree, the context matters. The environment, with all its pros and cons, blacks and whites and oranges, does have an impact upon our ideals, choices and values that we ascribe to people and things.

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Malini Amaladoss – another woman novelist exploring the shades of sensible romance

Why do I call it sensible romance? Well, for the starters, once you read the novel by Malini Amaladoss, her debut one, you will find why my initial subscription that Malini's romance, the way she perceives it in her debut work Retrace Love, is sensible and mature, commendable and laudable compared to many others who might her her peers. Retrace Love is a complete novel in the ways it approaches romance, exhibits the nuances of it and concludes the novel with a positive tone without any unnecessary twists or bends that might have shunned the possibilities of concluding a novel on a high note. Well-done, Malini! Unlike many other Indian Authors, Malini's approach will surely surprise the readers. I will argue the same below.


Sunday, 17 January 2021

The Reader's Companion to World Literature – Book Review

Literature is one thing. Reading literature is another. Understanding literature is yet another thing. And then, the final thing comes to the scene – writing literature. Writing literature is by those who have the guts to go public with their personal biases and thoughts, without any prejudice and chaos in their minds and with a subtle objectivity so that they can be perceived as narrating the universal messages... such is the art of literature. However, how can we understand it? How can we understand the art of literature? How can we know about the most famous works worldwide when we have so little time on the earth to go to the bathroom every day? What can we do? Well, for all such heroes and heroines, we have brought a book review of the most comprehensive and yet compact companion to world literature in English – The Reader's Companion to World Literature by Hornstein, Percy and Brown. The book us published by A Mentor Book, USA.

Friday, 8 January 2021

Get Rick Click by Marc Ostrofsky – Book Review

Though the world might have come entirely online and we cannot assume any day in our lives to go smoothly if we do not taste the speed of the internet at least once, there are many other things that we can do online and someone has imagined these things well before we could ever think in this direction. India is a rapidly growing market for internet and internet based services like pay per view video companies, social media companies and many other things. However, we must not forget that India is a super market full of consumers – online as well. Marc Ostrofsky's landmark work, Get Rick Click – The Ultimate Guide to Making Many on the Internet may have been a book which is old for the West and other parts of the world having full-fledged internet way before, for Indian readers, the book might be a wonderful treasure trove!


Sunday, 3 January 2021

Awaken to Superconscious by Swami Kriyananda aka J. Donald Walters

It is not surprising to notice people from Italy being influenced by Indian personalities. No. Not that. I am talking about Paramhansa Yogananda's direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, who was born in Italy but the fragrance of Hindu religion, a Hindu Guru and depth of the philosophy of the world's oldest or the most scientific religion, Hinduism, attracted him to adopt this name. J. Donald Walters has written many books and all of them are wonderfully received worldwide. However, the book that I am discussing today is Awaken to Superconscious, by Swami Kriyananda. This book focuses on telling the readers or seekers how to use Mediation for inner peace and awareness.