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19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita

19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita

19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita is a book which will give you the basic as well as the most debated concepts of Gita, the holiest, the most philosophical book ever produced (if at all we consider it as a produced book). Gita, as described by the author, Haribakth, is the text collected directly coming from the supreme being – Lord Krishna! True and undoubtedly, one who believes in the Vedas and knows at least the basic nuances of our Hindu Dharma and the greatness that the scriptures possess will believe what Haribakth has to offer. Moreover, what we would like the most in the book is that it’s not only for the intellectual readers like most of the spiritual books generally are; even a basic reader or a beginner in the Gita studies can easily and very usefully study this book. The nuance and the core of the book has been described very beautifully in the book by the author. We will mention some of those qualities of the book in the course of this review.

If you got the book, go to page number 44 and you will fund a table. This table is wonderfully drawn… you can find the answers to mostly raised questions by the people who study Gita either for the first time or so many times. Nonetheless, the questions are asked by many people who don’t read Gita as well. For instance, the questions on knowledge, the questions on supreme being, the questions related to person with and without knowledge and many more… these questions are also the philosophical debates, in other words, which are carried out day by day. Such a table which relates these questions to the verses of Gita and answers them is truly commendable!

Many other things are there in the book 19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita which will attract the readers. Talking about the language of the book which is really kept simple. You will understand the book as you read it; it is not a deliberate attempt to show the pedantry of the author and make such a lexical gap between the reader and the author that even an Advanced Learners’ Dictionary cannot bridge it! Haribakth has done a good job in the terms of the language too.

On the substantial level, the readers who are well-learned about Gita, might have read Bhaktivendanta as well as others like Vinova Bhave and Paramhansa Yogananda etc. Haribakth has tried to do a different kind of interpretation of the Gita which is peculiar. He has made surprising analogies and assumptions which might irk you only until you read them and understand the author’s logic. Alok Mishra has also pointed out some of the comparisons and allusions which Haribakth has made in his book and they almost go ahead to look anomalies… nevertheless, new interpretations in the Gita are always welcomed by the people who love it!

Another major attraction of the book is on the part of the co-author, the daughter of Haribakth – Vaishnavi. She has taken the task of drawing illustrations for the second part of the book and conveying the messages of the Gita through a rather visual medium. When asked who are the target audience of her drawings, she told that visual mode is rather productive and hence, her target audience are the readers of every age group. Through the drawings, you can easily apprehend even the most-debated issues of the Gita such as Yoga, Karma, devotion and many others.

As the conclusion, the team Book Reviews Web recommends the book 19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita as a must read for those who love spiritual books as well as for those too who want to understand the philosophy of the Gita. It’s most certainly the book which will help the young readers as well as the most learned readers to go through an all new interpretation of the widely popular scripture Gita. You can get the book from different online stores. Know more about the book here: 19thAkshauhini

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