Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Allegorical Expedition Book Review

While there are guys like some well-known authors in the country out there writing almost crap and making bucks, we often tend to forego some real stunning books written by really talented authors and when later we come across the same lot, we are like - 'oh! how could this happen?' Today, the #TeamBRW, meaning Book Reviews Web, have come across one of that lot - The Allegorical Expedition, a novel written by the debutant author P Satyadeep. As the title reflects, it does not have any predictability like a girl, a boy, a girlfriend (no matter full or half) or love (no matter forever or not) or facebook piece of wacks! The book is a stand apart, a class and a different read. P Satyadeep has weaved his story mostly like those ancient Victorian or the early twenties literature in which the character is wrestling with his inner being and looking out for what the world really is. Do you remember Jane Eyre? (You are almost there!) We will make it even easier to you. Read on... 

So, The Allegorical Expedition, which is subtitled 'a quest for truth', has very few characters which might be taken as those centric ones around whom the novel revolves and the plot moves. There is a Satyajit, who is the protagonist of the novel; there is a Maaya; there is a Pandit ji, and a few other characters. Satyajit, better known as SJ further in the novel, is a successful person in the field of cinema. However, his craving and perhaps the two questions once asked by his father to him, lead him to inquire further and further and do something 'extraordinary'. Riding his whim, he sets out for an expedition and this very expedition becomes the source on which the novel's plot feeds. 

Once a reader starts reading the novel, the very first thing which catches the eyes is the name of each of the chapter. You will seldom find chapter titles as the folks are in a hurry these days to pour out their dirty erotica to you... P Satyadeep has something different in his stores and he takes you out on the journey with his mouthpiece character SJ. Chapter 11 is the breaking point in the novel when the road trip is accidently (or a God set-up?) pulled towards the Ashram, which the author ascribes the title of 'the mind palace'. And in the Ashram, the journey towards seeking the truth begins... 

As beautifully brought out by our senior Alok Mishra in his review of The Allegorical Expedition, the most striking factor of this book and the author is their revisiting the historical and mythological annals. If you give a least to the religious and mythological texts, believe it, you are gonna love this book! 

Meanwhile, the novel concludes with SJ finding a perfect script for his next movie which goes on to become a blockbuster. He finds a scanty piece of peace and solace but only to be disrupted, because, the revelation of truth, dear friends, is not so calm! The author P Satyadeep has concluded the novel as of beginning the another part which he has hinted out in an interview. 

The #TeamBRW take on the book is that it would, perhaps, not suit the 'quicky' readers who love erotic fiction and typically predictable stunts of Bhagats and Singhs and Duttas. However, our strict advice to them is please read the novel once to know what a real novel feels like! To all other readers who have got a taste for literary pieces, please make sure you read the novel at least once because it has got what most of the ardent readers look to find in a book... 

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