Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified by Gerard

How many of you know mother Teresa? If we ask this question, most of the people would think of us as crazy people just posing unthought questions to people. However, how many of you know that Mother Teresa was going through a faith crisis? How many of you know that Mother Teresa, at a time of her life, was unable to decide whether she believed in God or not? There are many such interesting things about the life of Mother Teresa that you might not be knowing. All this, including many interesting facts about the dead saint, we have found out from the book Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified, a book which is written by Gerard. 

Gerard, in his book, has tried to disclose the facts or rather the corrupt practices of the Catholic Chuch and the empire of the Vatican, which, according to the author, has procrastinated the sainthood to Mother Teresa only because she was a woman! Gerard has written his book after an extensive research and to reinforce his arguments and propositions, he has also included a list of references at the end of the book. You cannot, then, write off any of the facts which Gerard has presented! 

There is an entire chapter which brings out the follies of the Catholic Church at present, around the world. Liberate Catholic Church from The Vicious Circle is the title that the author has given to an entire chapter in which he asks tough questions to 'chosen few' who operate the practices. Gerard asks why the Catholic Church is promoting the fact that women are inferior to men in most of the parts of the world. Packed with statistics and powerful arguments, you will understand why the author is full of disgust. You need to read the book to know more about the corruption and follies that Gerard has to expose. 

Talking about another and the important purpose of Gerard behind writing this book, he has presented an account of how Mother Teresa was left deceived by the whole system of Catholic Church and how her wishes to serve the poor and reaching the last mile was left astray. He starts by questioning the Vatican authority which denied sainthood to mother for so long while her qualifications were met a long time ago. Moreover, Gerard has successfully defended the criticisms directed at Mother Teresa in his wonderful chapter - Some Criticisms and Mother. 

To know further, we will recommend that you buy this well-researched document - Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified by Gerard. You can get the book from Amazon or any other book platform. 

Book Review done under the Ashvamegh Book Reviews Program

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