Friday, 17 March 2017

Hardaul Ek Bharatiya Yuva ki Soch

The tales of our ancient days are always fascinating and India, having so deep a history, is the queen of folklores and legends. Every part of India - from north to south, east to west or the central plains... we have stories coming from ages. One of such stories is the story of the prince of Orchha, Madhya Pradesh - Lala Hardaul. Lala Hardaul's legend has been wonderfully recapitulated in a book by author Rakesh Sharma and the title of the book is - Hardaul: Ek Bharatiya Yuva ki Soch. Rakesh has given the legendary story a slightly different touch and made it a story which connotes the modern scenario.

Rakesh's book tells us about the childhood of Hardaul, days of his youth and some of his last days when he had to face several conspiracies and death ploys which ultimately took his life!

Hardaul: Ek Bharatiya Yuva ki Soch has been given molded in a way by the author that it seems to be reflecting the tactics that modern young statesman of India should adopt in their governance. Rakesh hints in his preface that he has been inspired by the leaders like Narendra Modi while crafting his fiction. The book is written in Hindi and that's why the connect that a book makes with the readers is very seamless and fluid in this case. Indian readers, in most of the parts, easily understand Hindi and enjoy reading good Hindi books. Hardaul is one of those very books that we can enjoy.

Coming to the story of the book, this is about Hardaul Singh, prince of Orchha, Jujhar Singh, the king and his wife. Also, for making the story even more interesting, the author introduces Hidayat Khan, a kind of spy-cum-conspirator who makes the life of Hardaul suffer from his plans and cunning actions. However, Hardaul successfully braves all the challenges and does not give up on himself. But, as it had to be, he had ultimately to embrace death - why that happens and what brings this gloomy ending is the twist in the book that readers must find out only by reading this book.

Team Book Reviews Web suggests the readers read this book, and especially the readers who love to read suspense thrillers. This is a Hindi book and so we don't think it will take more than a day to finish the book. Log on to Amazon and grab your copy of Hardaul: Ek Bhartiya Yuva ki Soch... Happy Reading!

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