Sunday, 26 March 2017

Monsoon Minds by Ravi Nambiar

Monsoon Minds Ravi Nambiar

What is the true pleasure of reading a short story? This is a valid question as we are all eager to read short stories for they are short and don't require long time commitments from us. You can finish it in an hour, half an hours or within a few hours if it's a little longer than the usual. The question of what you take out from a short story got its best answer when our team got the book Monsoon Minds by Ravi Nambiar. This is a collection of eighteen short stories. Being a debut book by the author, you get even more than what you expect Monsoon Minds to be! The stories are sentimental and a kind of 'towards' movement you will find in most of them... 

Ravi has taken the short story from the cityscape to the countryside, rural landscape and he has beautifully handled the themes as well. Most of his stories feature rural characters, day-to-day rural affairs and adequate emotional touch to finalise them. The author deals with the themes of love, death, friendship, parenting, religious belief and so on... The characters in the book are mostly dynamic and they keep moving with the passage of time. 

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Bhavli, the name of the village which features in the stories, is an imaginary village with common people. Most of the readers, who are into reading to a little depth, must remember the village named Malgudi, another imaginary village which was immortalised by R. K. Narayan, another South Indian author... Ravi Nambiar might have drawn the village inspiration from the author said above. However, the soul of his stories is his own creation. We did not read something like this save Premchand and some other quality authors (to be frank and honest in the terms of some of the stories). 

There might be a kind of pinching torment which might arouse a sense of pity in the mind of readers when they read some of the stories. Namely, there is a story of sister Mary, the village nurse, and her son. This story, along with many others, end with an abundance of emotions and the readers cannot help themselves but feel with the characters! 

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To conclude this review, our team at Book Reviews Web will recommend this book to all those serious readers out there who want to read some genuine crafting of words. Ravi has done his best and more than a debutante could do! He has maintained his stories with neither more nor less in the terms of required proportions of literary devices... There is a simplicity in his storytelling and a plainness in his plot. You will keep getting as you read. Save yourself some hours this Sunday and read this wonderful book of short stories - Monsoon Minds. We are sure that you will like this work. Grab your copy of the book from Amazon now! 

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