Saturday, 20 May 2017

Rafflesia - The Banished Princess

A novel with the title which describes a princess in exile and a cover image which depicts a woman's face, beautiful, but the story of the novel is much more encircled around a person named Appu - a boy who goes on to become a youth and makes a man of himself at the end... Rafflesia - The Banished Princess is a novel which will leave you with different impressions and only one feeling - a feeling of connectivity with the protagonist Appu and a disgust against the modern society. 

Rafflesia is the novel of modern age which depicts a physical as well as mental torment that a character goes through and braves ultimately, A broken life, a broken marriage, a broken struggle and eventually, a win which opens the eyes of Appu and he welcomes a new life with open arms... he disowns everything 'old' and gets ready to welcome something which will be his 'own' and 'very own'. 

The catch of the novel is the friendship of Rahul and Appu. This friendship is very well juxtaposed with the failed marriage of Appu with Jharna which is intrigued with conspiracy and deceits. Rahul cares for Appu on every possible step and likewise, Appu does the same for Rahul. Their friendship is the only thing which begins the novel as well as ends the novel - in between, many events take place and constitute the plot progress of the novel Rafflesia - The Banished Princess. 

Critically, the novel is a perfect one time read. Though the novel is too long a person would like to read, the elements in the novel let a reader go through it without feeling 'too much'. Yes, the plot is well-constructed in the novel while the narrative is a little slow. Still, the innovative theme in the novel and the complex plot by the author makes it a good 4-day read for any serious reader who is in search of something new and eventful. There is no romance offered in the explicit manner; there are no sensual scenes; there are no fight scenes and still the novel runs up to 400 pages... you will love reading it! 

Guys, go for the novel and don't hold yourself back because this is the thing you might be looking for all these days. Gautam, the author of Rafflesia - The Banished Princess has made his debut eventful and you will like his attempt to make novel serious and thought-provoking. Happy reading!

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