Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Protectors of the Aesner

The Protectors of the Aesner by Srinath S is a novel which you cannot put in a certain frame or can apply many different genres at the same time. This is a novel which brings science fiction with it as well as the magical realms from the forgotten annals of history... there is witchcraft; there is black magic and there are also many different details which any reader would love to read. In short, the novel has the quality which can attract many readers and its easy flow makes it a smooth reading. 

The novel is about three men from three different parts of the world who incidentally meet in a prison which is rather high-end technology built. Karthik is from the southern parts of India, Yuki is from Japan and Dave is from the USA. Three persons who are entirely different in their profession and attitude are surprised to meet each other and the events which follow their meeting are just awe-inspiring... In the course of the novel, the readers come to know that these guys are picked by the Protectors of the Aesner because their DNA is unique. 

An adventure novel, you can also say this about the book. Karthik, Dave and Yuki, after their tough training, which is actually science based, are sent to save the world and they succeed in doing so. What they do; how do they manage and what are the difficulties that they have to face on the way are something that readers will know once they read the novel themselves. At the outset, however, we can say safely that the readers are going to enjoy this novel very much. The novel has been widely read and rated high by the readers as well as the top book reviewers

A multi-genre book such as The Protectors of the Aesner is something which does not fall in the line of usual novels by Indian authors. It is something different and offers a read which you won't get by reading some Sunday-romance. There are surprises; there are fantastic details and there is the involvement of black science as well. Don't waste the time and rather read this novel to know more. You can also read an interview with the author Srinath S here: 

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