Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter by Shilpa Raj

Shilpa Raj is the first ever woman author from India belonging to a Dalit community who has written a memoir! She belongs to the class of people which is considered as 'untouchable' and in India, there are still the people who take a deep interest in taking pleasure in such practices. Shilpa's debut book, a memoir, The Elephant Chaser's Daughter is an attack on the same practices of discrimination, untouchability, casteism and many other follies which are still there in the society, acting as hindrances on our way to a new India. Her book will be launched on 28th of July 2017 and will be available in stores as well as shopping websites. 

Today, I am especially writing this article to give the readers of Book Reviews Web an insight into the memoir of Shilpa. First of all, her debut work has been praised extensively and top book critics from India have praised her book and hoped for a better writing future of the young author who has decided to make her debut memorable by writing on such serious issues. The Elephant Chaser's Daughter has also been praised by the celebrated personalities outside the boundaries of India. 

Shilpa Raj has written this work with utter honesty. She did not even shy away from writing about the humiliation that she had to face within her family. She also wrote about the status of women in the lower strata of the Indian society. She cites the examples of herself and her mother. She also juxtaposes the two worlds she has lived in - one in the Shanti Bhavan, a school for underprivileged children and another at her place, a place where poverty and emptiness of the thing called life prevail! 

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter will surely prove to be a landmark in the Indian writing! This book has the elements which make it a must read as well as a book with seriousness. It will undoubtedly install Shilpa Raj as an author with credibility in her command. Her decision to write a memoir as her first book shows the mental strength that the author possesses. She has decided to let the readers know what sufferings are there in the life of poor people such as an elephant chaser... 

Readers, the book is going to be launched on 28th of July 2017. You can order a copy from Amazon by following the link below. Once you read the book, do let the author know what you feel about the book. It will surely inspire Shilpa and many other Shilpas in making! 

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