Saturday, 19 August 2017

Prabhat Ranjan's Debut Work - With You; Without You

Have you ever loved your best friend? This is surely a question which might get everyone at the edge all of sudden, ain't it? Prabhat Ranjan's debut work, With You; Without You, a novel written in Hindi language asks the same questions of the readers. His book is due to be released sometime next month, September 2017. Nevertheless, the pre-release buzz for the book has been in the air for a while. An engineer by profession, Prabhat Ranjan works for Indian government per se but his love for literature has always kept him bound to paper and pen and he has been writing for a while now. 

As far as we could gather by the pre-release brochures and teasers, With You; Without You is about the love triangle between Nishind, Aditya and Rami. The author has divided the novel into two parts and each part offers the triangle but with different couples! Isn't it fantastic? The readers who love to read romances should be ready with their seatbelts fastened because the book offers suspense and seriousness at the same time which is a wonderful and rare combination in the fiction these days! 

Moreover, Prabhat Ranjan's work does not offer the romance in the sense Chetan Bhagat has offered in his final disaster, One Indian Girl... Prabhat's concept of romance is altogether different and his approach towards feminism is the key to Rami's character. The female protagonist of the novel With You; Without You, Rami has her life her own way; she wants her space and she wants faith in relationships. You will surely love her character once you read Prabhat's book. 

See the BookBoys PR trailer of the book: 

The language part of the book is fantastic. You must be wondering why such a serious novel has come out in Hindi and not in English; Prabhat Ranjan has his own answers. For him, Hindi is the language that comes close to his heart whenever he wants to render his thoughts in writing... He does not want the first impression of his thoughts to be like dubbed! 

We will keep you updated when the book is launched and we will share the link to buy the book. Moreover, Book Reviews Web will also be back very soon with the review of the book. Keep this space checked! Happy reading guys! 

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