Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter | Book Review

Dear readers, gone are the days when we used to say that only suspense fiction and thriller detective tales could get our reading senses craving and up! Today, I am going to tell you about a book, and surprisingly a memoir, which has taken the town a buzz - The Elephant Chaser's Daughter by Shilpa Raj. It's the very debut work of Shilpa but her writing style and the vision of the book has given her the recognition to stand in the front row of Indian writings in English! The Elephant Chaser's Daughter was released on 28th of July when Shilpa and many guests unveiled the book at a gathering of literary enthusiasts and other guests. 

Published by Rupa Publications, Shilpa Raj has been working on her debut book for more than 7 years. Her memoir chronicles the family history, Shilpa's individual struggles, her mother's story, her grandparents narrative and her sister's tragic death. These things surely look like 'just a person's autobiographical records' but when one reader reads the book, then the craft of Shilpa's literary skills open up. Wonderfully enough, Shilpa has created a narrative which does not only speak for herself but for many and many other individuals who have been through the same life at different times. 

When Shilpa talks about the poor economic conditions of her family, it is not only her father rather all the fathers in those marginalised societies who have to choose between the education of their children or their food two times! When Shilpa writes about her grandfather being tormented by those people higher classes, she does not only make her grandfather stand in the witness box. She asks the questions on the women issues; she asks the tough questions about sexual abuse; she raises the questions of domestic violence; she writes about the poor living standards of a section of people towards whom the society has just closed both the eyes... The Elephant Chaser's Daughter seems to be chasing the white elephant but she does not lose hope... she does not accept the defeat. Shilpa has also told the readers her build! 

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter is the story of strong determination and courage of Shilpa that defy all the odds and she becomes what she is today - a representative of her section; a someone who can speak for other people who don't raise their voices because no one cares! 

Readers, if you want to hear the story from someone who has been listening different kinds of stories since her childhood, you have to read the book by Shilpa. You just cannot miss reading this wonderful memoir which has taken the reading fraternity into some kind of grip. Below is the link to Amazon store from where you can get a copy of the book: 

review by Rahul

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