Tuesday, 10 October 2017

An Apology for Shakespeare by S A Joseph | Book Review

Poetry writing in the English language has never been the nativity of the Indian literary figures but still, the pedestal that they have attained is highly praiseworthy! We had the poets like Tagore and we have the poets like Vikram Seth at the present. Nevertheless, in between the greats, there are the poets who are making valuable contribution to the world of poetry and some of them are actually doing something worthy to be hailed and tauted - and one of them is S A Joseph from Kerala. His debut book An Apology for Shakespeare has fetched the praises of some of the most popular book critics in India as well as among the poetry readers, the book has been a subject of discussion. 

The poetry of S A Joseph can be termed modern and bold - he directly asks God and challenges Him on several grounds. The poetry of S A Joseph can also be termed as realistic because he lays open the loopholes which we have let being created in our world and our souls as well. We can seldom escape the realities which the poet warns and exposes in his poems. 

An Apology for Poetry is also, basically, the poet's intention to present a defence for poetry in the modern age when the art is gradually felt to be on the decline and so constantly. Poet mourns the same in his poems that you will read in the collection. 

The book has generally been received very warmly by the various book critics and also the websites which write about book and authors exclusively. You can see the reasons behind this reception once you read the book - in the simplest possible terms, the poet has expressed his opinions and thoughts and that can easily be grasped without and hyper exercise of mind resolving the metaphors and analogies! 

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