Sunday, 15 October 2017

Bleeding Queens | Review

Bleeding Queens is the debut novel by an author, so promising in her content and vision, Palak Kundra. The author comes from Amritsar and you can clearly see the Punjabi tilt in her debut novel, the tone of the characters, the names and even their actions. Nevertheless, the agony that the central character in the novel goes through and her retaliation, are something which could easily be shared by the women across the nation… Palak Kundra has written her debut novel about the menace of rape and her character, Diljit, goes through it, the pain and the suffering and also the fight back posed by her is exemplary! The readers can easily relate to this novel and find themselves in concurring positions. 

Written in Hindi, Bleeding Queens is a novel which will be an easy and faster read for most of the readers. It does not use the metaphors and metonymies. You will see what it should be as what it ought to be. The story of Diljit, a typical Punjabi ambitious girl who wants to be an actress and envisions Deepika as her ideal, will attract you till it ends. A hiatus in the usual life of this happy to go family of Diljit comes one night when she is gang raped and her father is killed by those perverts on the road. The goons cannot kill Diljit because they run away when they hear the voices of people. 

After the break, the author had two choices – let Diljit take the backseat and let her brother or her lover take the revenge or just let Diljit fight it back for herself. And Palak has done the tremendous job of putting the woman in the commanding position and let her lead her fight herself. You will be excited to read how she plans, executes and finishes her revenge on all the four culprits of her life. She also succeeds in fulfilling her dream of becoming an actress and she receives the prestigious award by none other than her ideal herself – Deepika. 

There is a lot to be read in this novel, Bleeding Queens. Though you may find that the novel is rather limited in the terms of the plot and it could be a little broader but you will settle with this because it couldn’t go outside the ambit it dons.

Palak’s debut novel has been praised by many readers and also many book critics from India. She has written her novel in Hindi to make it possible connecting with as many readers as possible because the women from rural areas are still too far from the modern linguistic of the sophisticated lingua… you can read Palak Kundra’s Bleeding Queens by ordering a copy from the link below: 

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