Friday, 20 October 2017

Shilpa Raj - the author with a cause!

You might have read the success stories or the overnight fame stories of different authors who have written a number of works after the first one. Some might have managed to ride the wave of fame received for the first work and others might have faded in oblivion after the initial shock wave… today, I am writing about an author whose debut has sent positivism among the readers because this author is not from a flowery background and she did not write a fiction to get her name on the list of the women who write. Shilpa Raj has made her debut with her memoir, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter and after the initial release in India and the worldwide release, she has been getting her reputation only wide and tall around the world and many book critics and readers have sent her ‘thumbs up’ for her successful debut and the theme that she has chosen for that. She has written about herself giving an opportunity to the readers to connect with her story and make it about themselves… 

Shilpa writes about this experience: 

“Many have reached out to me from different countries wanting to let me know that my story resonated with them on a human level. Through these correspondences, even with people I’ve never met in person, it becomes clearer to me that while our personal struggles might take different forms, deep within us and behind the plethora of masks we wear, we are very similar in our experience of the most fundamental of emotions.”  

And this is huge! Shilpa Raj is very young and she has just begun her writing career and people are connecting with her with so many pleasant surprises! Coming from a family of Dalits in India (Bangalore), Shilpa’s story tells the readers about her journey from the world of deprivation to the world of education and opportunities. However, her personal gains and personal achievements could not stop her from thinking about her family and the society from where she has come out and thus this memoir was perceived and written. 

Shilpa Raj, as an author, has the wonderful capability of getting her story connect with the readers and let them think as the story being told is not personal (or individual) but rather about the community… and she has been successful doing that in The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. And that is why the critical institutions like Kirkus Reviews and Indian Book Critics and also the top book bloggers in India have come up with high praises for her writing. Inspired by these, Shilpa is thinking of another book which will also be a non-fiction like the first. She is considering writing a book about bringing up the children in a good manner during the early school days and instil a pattern of holistic learning in them. 

In a very short span of time, she has become an inspiration for all the girls who are left to live the life of deprivation and nothingness and have to compromise their dreams… people are looking up to Shilpa for other major landmarks in her journey and we also hope that she is able to continue what she has started.  

You can explore more about Shilpa Raj on her personal website: 

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