Tuesday, 3 October 2017


There are a number of book bloggers on the web these days and it has, somehow, pushed the graph of the interest in literature to a further height and this is really increasing! We are very happy seeing things going a better way and readers are not only taking interest in reading books but also in reading more about the books. You will find many book reviews on the web as well as more about the books on the web too. Book Reviews Online, our venture, is a part of that widening fraternity and we strive towards proving the best of the content to our readers. We have been silent for months now, because we had some issues with our servers and also the staff were not properly enjoying freedom. We are all mostly the students and it had to do with our studies too. We are back!

We are back with our content and we will keep you updated about the books and authors and the literary events. Just keep in synchronisation with our website and you will see a lot here. Our library has witnessed a revamp and we have many new books in our store which we will be reviewing for our readers eventually. The hunger for books, in between our activity and leisure, did never stop and we are the same that we were – the book readers!

So, dear readers, keep up to date – keep reading – keep writing – and keep visiting our blog for more and more on books and literature. We will never be silent now! Thanks for your patience and thanks for your readership too! Book Reviews Web is back to the world wide web and now the wheels will keep running until we are on road and thriving past our goals. Best wishes from the team at Book Reviews Web!

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