Sunday, 19 November 2017

With You; Without You - book review

What else could be joyous than reading on a weekend? I love reading my books and sometimes try the new ones whenever I get a long weekend for my leisure and hobbies. This time, it was the number of Prabhat Ranjan’s debut book With You; Without You – the one that I have mentioned in a previous post. I began reading the book on this Friday and finished it this morning. And believe me, the book was very much close to a gripping novel which encircles your thoughts and motivates you to finish asap – and Prabhat’s debut With You; Without You was the same! 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Ashish Dalal - a new beginning in Hindi Literature

Ashish Dalal is an author who believes in delivering to the audience quality literature which does not only entertain them but also tell them about various things – in the abstract and in physical as well. He talks about relationships; he talks about love; he talks about friendship; he talks about various forms of essential elements in life… and he talks them wonderfully! You cannot escape his short stories once you start reading him! Ashish Dalal is going to be the next writer to watch for in the field of Hindi writing and BRW is sure about this! To know more about Ashish Dalal as an author, keep on reading this article. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

What am I reading in November 2017?

 Readers, you need to mark the day! And that day is every day! A day when you read nothing is just like a day which is barren and waste and I can feel what you would be feeling on such a day – totally waste and totally waste! A day without reading in the life of an active reader is just like a day without practice in the life of a singer who sings every day! So, you must have understood how much is the importance of reading in the life of us – the active readers! And today, I will be writing about the books I have selected for my November 2017 Reading list. Here you go: