Thursday, 2 November 2017

What am I reading in November 2017?

 Readers, you need to mark the day! And that day is every day! A day when you read nothing is just like a day which is barren and waste and I can feel what you would be feeling on such a day – totally waste and totally waste! A day without reading in the life of an active reader is just like a day without practice in the life of a singer who sings every day! So, you must have understood how much is the importance of reading in the life of us – the active readers! And today, I will be writing about the books I have selected for my November 2017 Reading list. Here you go: 

In the November month, I will be reading Uske Hisse Ka Pyar – the debut book of short stories by Ashish Dalal. This book is being praised by the top book bloggers in India and also some of the well-known Hindi book critics. I am excited to read this book! Eagerly awaiting the pre-orders. 

Another book that I will be reading this month is Prabhat Ranjan’s With You; Without You. This is a novel written in Hindi and has been released on 29th of October 2017. Prabhat Ranjan’s debut work has been praised by several readers and the feedback for this novel featuring love and friendship has been so far enthusiastic and encouraging for the author. Seems that I have a treat waiting for me when I get my hands on Prabhat’s With You; Without You. 

And the next book I have selected for this list is Ovshy Yakhot’s Materialist View on Reality. This is a book analyses the concept of reality and various concepts related to life through the world we live in and the interpretations are just amazing! Though you might not agree with all or any one of those assumptions but you cannot just ignore what the author has worked hard to write… and thus, I believe my initial read, when culminated towards a full reading of the book, will be useful and enlightening. 

And these are the books I am investing my time this month. I hope my reading will be beneficial and adding to my yet having knowledge and understanding. I hope you will also enjoy your books this coming month. Keep reading – keep learning! 

by one of the BRO contributors 

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