Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Despite Stolen Dreams - review

Book - Despite Stolen Dreams
Author - Anita Krishan 
Publisher - FingerPrint Publishers
Pages - 303 
ISBN: 9788175994669

Contemporary fiction in India could seldom offer us something more than entertainment because authors have been indulging in the 'fair' practice of offering the 'fair' literary output to the youths of the country and they are very well away from the real fiction which could be called literary. A guy and a girl and many guys and many girls and the game of the fiction is played like this. Meaningful and purposeful literature are seldom found happening on this playground but sometimes the authors like Anita Krishan do make it happen - serious and visionary fiction with the qualities which qualify for a competition on the global front - leaving this usual contemporary fiction very far behind.  

The novel Despite Stolen Dreams begins in Kashmir with the terrorism confronted by a family of noble people - Wali, though tried very hard, couldn't resist and he had to flee from his homeland and find a respite in Delhi. In Delhi, he is almost like a person from the earth on the Mars. Out and out an alien, he has to manage himself on many fronts. His son Salim advises him to change his clothing style and look more like a Delhi person and there, Wali thinks that it's not his robe but rather his identity is being robbed from him... with time and after finding a good friend like Kashmira Singh, Wali also settles in Delhi and his children are also settled well. Meher becomes a doctor and Salim is doing good. Abdul, who helped Wali in Kashmir, also finds something to do. 

The plot is clean but full of surprises which pull off awe from the readers on many occasions. Terror does come back in the novel but it comes in a variety of colours. Hashim, the leader of the terrorists, is a brutal and emotionless savage while there is someone like Shakeel who keeps transforming with the time and according to the situation. His love story with Shabnam is a refreshing tale which adds another angle to the whole terror theory. The end is very surprising and readers must read this novel to understand the meaning of real fiction versus the 'usual drab'. 

Language and storytelling technique of Anita Krishan have come up to new standards in her latest novel Despite Stolen Dreams. She has distanced herself from the over-dragged themes and has decided to write something serious and unique. Her novel does not add up to the same floated theories about terrorism and terrorists and terror mindset. She scans the background and presents a beautiful and vivid picture of the human psychology which requires a special enterprise and she offers it to her readers.  

Anita's novel has been praised by the readers and also the book critics for her writing talent and her craft of fiction. Top book bloggers in India have written extensively about the book and they have praised Despite Stole Dreams for bringing a further level to the contemporary Indian writing. I will also advise my readers to give this novel a read and believe me, the compelling way of writing will never let you relax unless you finish this work! You can get a copy of the book from the Amazon link below: 

by - a BRW contributor 

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