Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Amitav Ghosh & Arundhati Roy - the fiction beyond fiction

Comparing Amitav Ghosh with Arundhati Roy might seem an act of comparing apples with oranges; however, such an analogy gives the readers or the person who is comparing a chance to understand these two authors rather closely. Today, I will be doing the same as I want to take it a little further. I have read the novels written by these two and have found them really subtle and a little awe-inspiring as well. Moreover, what else do you want when you read a novel? A deep fiction, an artful plot and a decisive conclusion - may be that people want something other and few extra miles but I am happy with this things. So, do I get all these in the novels written by Arundhati Roy and Amitav Ghosh? Yes, I do get these things. However, I do get something extra as well and let me tell you what's that and how do these two differ from each other. 

Arundhati Roy's fiction sometimes deviates from its original fictional course and tries to enter into the facts - facts which might be convenient for her because she cherrypicks and the same thing might be inconvenient for others because she deliberately ignores the things which are not convenient to her - we all know her leanings and her affiliations. On the other hand, Amitav Ghosh serves only fiction and nothing else. Yes, he might also seem to deviate from his fiction at times but he does it unbiased and does not intrude out of his circumference. For example, in his novel The Hungry Tide, he does interfere into the geological politics of the country but he did not transgress more than what fiction could have allowed or agreed. On the other hand, Roy's writings seem more non-fictional at times that it seems a novel to the readers. 

You can find things for yourself once you start reading the novels by these two. Yes, they both have excellent writing styles and their novels make a huge impact on the readers. Nonetheless, we need to judge them as well because no one is above criticism when it comes to literature. Even Shakespeare is called out for his bluffs! 

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