Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Rise of Hindi and Regional Language Literature in India

The rise of Hindi literature or literature in the local and regional languages of India is certainly a good sign for the lovers of Indian literature. Literature written in English, no doubt, is very important as it directly represents the Indian on a global stage without any decoding needed. However, we cannot deny that there are the talents on Indian streets who don't know English language but they do deserve the highlight and focus as their imagination and power of perception is no way lesser than those who write only in English. In the recent years, we must be happy knowing that the literature in regional languages along with Hindi has gone to a record height. We have more and more authors who are willing to contribute to the culminative outcome of Indian literature in their language. They are getting popular as well as their book is also selling in good numbers. 

 This is a very good sign for the content creators as well. If the literature in a respective language will do better, there will surely be the content creators in that particular language who will be there to review the particular literature in a particular language. Efforts such as Hindi Samiksha are well worthy to be mentioned here. 

Particularly Hindi Literature in India has been doing exemplary in the recent years. The rise of new authors and the rise of a new narrative is very soothing. Poets and novelists are not shying away from creating their fiction in Hindi language instead of English language. There are also the authors who are trying Hindi after English and that's a good sign. Respecting the language which millions speak in a natuion can never be a bad idea and it's cetrinly very good to see that's finally happening. 

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