Thursday, 15 March 2018

Little Maryam - book review

Little Maryam is the debut novel by Hamid Baig and was launched on the republic day of India, this year. After the launch on 26th January 2018, the novel has been listed on the lists of bestsellers under different categories and with different phrases. However, the common thing that comes while describing this novel is that Little Maryam is a romantic novel and it can be put in the romance genre. Is it so? Whatever be the case, today, I will be writing my review for this quick-selling and popular novel by Hamid which has been appreciated by the readers and book bloggers in India as well as the critics alike. 

The novel begins with a third-person narrative and we are introduced to a journalist Anne Miller who catches the Nobel Prize-winning doctor, Dr Saadiq Haider. Accidentally, they sit together on a plane and then the novel goes into a flashback and the real things begin. 

The novel does have the elements which make it a romance - a couple, Saadiq and Maryam, and the story around the couple compels us to believe that Little Maryam is about a romantic relationship which went through ups and downs and ultimately a sad ending as the two lovers have to separate. However, they meet once again; Saadiq is coming to see Maryam only when Anne Miller catches him on the plane and forces him to tell the story which Saadiq shares with her. The second part of the novel, nevertheless, turns things emotional and we are presented very thrilling reading experience with the share allocated to sentiments and heart-touching scenes. The romance resumes between Saadiq and Maryam until a character disturbs them, Salman. (Leave it to your reading on who is this Salman.)

Just for the hint, the ending is a very emotionally rendered. Now, what else can we focus on? 

Critically, the novel has entertainment, a good story and a very compelling plot to keep the readers busy until the end. For the modern or, in better words, the contemporary fiction's standards, the novel has the elements which rank it better. Moreover, Hamid's storytelling and the understanding of the readers' psychology must be acknowledged. However, at the same time, you cannot ignore the facts that the novel actually limits itself only on two characters - those two involved in the romantic relationship. Other characters just play their part and vanish or reappear only after miles have gone. 

These limitations, however, can be ignored by the readers who just read fiction irrespective of the minute critical details. They can enjoy the subtle art of storytelling, a very good narrative and a very good novel with a simple language which makes the readers' experience very smooth and entertaining. Little Maryam has everything for the young and modern as well as pro-readers! This is a sure thing and I can assure the readers of that. 

Get your copy of Little Maryam from the link below and enjoy reading this very debut yet impressive work of fiction by Hamid Baig. 

review by Rohit 

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