Monday, 2 April 2018

Beyond the books - let's interact with book lovers!

Hello dear members! Hope you are all fine and doing great. I am writing this post to let you all know about something very interesting and something which will keep you engaged in the free hours. I am letting you all know about India Book Club - an online book club which will connect the readers across the country. It is also available in the offline world and readers can join it in their locality and if not, they can create one under the guidance of IBC. Have you joined the book club yet? 
India Book Club is a place where the readers and fiction, non-fiction and even academic book lovers can share their thoughts on the book they read. They can enjoy the discussions based on books, genre and authors. They can get information about the latest books, upcoming books, bestsellers and also the trending authors. As a registered member, you will also get the chance to grab free copies of certain books by taking part in the occasional giveaways organised by the admins over there. 

Such an attempt to promote reading habit and good literature is always welcome. Indians often follow the influencers who tend to forge their thoughts in a certain direction in the terms of their book choices and book selections. However, by directly communicating with the readers instead of someone else, they can know the exact details of a book. This will help them understand whether a book is likened to their thoughts or not. 

Recently, the book club has started the giveaway channel where the members can get free paperback copies of book in India only, for now. You can enjoy this beneficial offer by registering yourself with the club today. 

Registering with India Book Club is very easy. You just have to use your email address and you are done. Activate your account and start writing and sharing your thoughts under different forums and categories. You will find everything and anything in the terms of space to share your thoughts and you are done... 

I hope the readers will find this information useful. Do share your thoughts. You can also ask questions if you have any. 

by Ruby for Book Reviews Web

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