Monday, 30 April 2018

Have you written a book? Do you need book promotions? Tips for Authors

Many first-time authors often remain a one-book-author because they don't understand the basics of book promotions and fail. After writing a book, the first thing that the authors should focus on is book promotions. Today, in this post, I will tell all of you (the authors) how to promote the books and remain in the game rather than getting out of the game after very first book. What does it take? It takes book promotions... 

What do you need to do? 

Promote your book - Though some authors like doing it themselves, you cannot depend on your time because, ultimately, you are an author and you have to focus on writing the book and not on the promotion. You can simply go for some reliable resource  - a book promotion company ideally and in India, there are some companies which offer book promotion in India and beyond. Once you hire a company, you can simply relax and focus on your writing. However, you can also contribute to the promotion part even after adding a company to your list. 

Keep yourself engaged - You must be using social media as an author and you have to keep your readers engaged. You can keep sharing your ideas, schedules, meetings and appearances as well as the links that you find useful - containing information on you, on your books and on your life. That will keep the readers linked to your presence and they will also thing that your book is being liked by the readers. 

Once you are published - Get yourself involved in creating the plans for a new book along with the plans of promotion. An author has to write and think of future writing jobs as well. If you don't focus on what will your write next, your ideas will be limited and shrunk to one book only and that will be hazardous for your author career! 

And at last - Always be wise in choosing a platform for book promotions. We will suggest you going for BookBoys PR. In India, they are the only ones offering a comprehensive range of services and dedicated marketing for the authors and publishers. Old enough and also successful! 

All the best with your writing career! 

by Ruby for Book Reviews Web 

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