Thursday, 12 April 2018

What does a book blogger do?

Being a book blogger means reading a lot of books and posting reviews on your website. 

This is something that people generally believe to be the gospel truth when it comes to identifying the book bloggers in India. Maybe the world as well... means, who knows! However, it is beyond the realms of truth for now. What does a book blogger do? Does that blogger who blogs on books always read? No! Yes, he or she reads more than the ordinary readers but not all the times. The book bloggers have many things to do beyond reading - finding good books, beating the stress of reading same old content, finding some innovation, picking the authors and coping with the 'bad fiction,' finding some really great non-fiction books to get out of the web of fancy... yes, you are guessing it right - they have many a thing to do! 

Book Blogging is something which is getting very popoular in India today. People are finding this career really lucrative and they are all trying their hands - at last, what does it take more than just reading? They think. However, things are beyond that. 

One of the top book bloggers in India and the founder of Ashvamegh and BookBoys PR, Alok Mishra says: 

"Being a book blogger is something really wonderful. How many, however, survive beyond a year or two? They think it to be no seriousness and mere fun... and that's a wrong assumption alotogether. One has to be a reader - a serious reader, and at the same time, one has to be a composed critic and a sensible human being. Sometimes, reading a lot can be stressful and pain. One has to learn to handle the situation with astute alacrity. Do become book bloggers but do become a sensible one. All the best!" 

And it says a lot! Alok has been in this field for more than 3 years now and his presence is a testimony to that. His blogs on becoming book reviewers on critics are appreciated by the youths. 

Are you planning to the one? How many books do you plan to read in a month? Have you joined goodreads yet? These are some questions that need to answered and you will find your way, eventually... 

All the best to the readers and the future book bloggers! If you want to write for us or for any other book blogs, you must begin by that. Once you understand how does it work, you can start your own book blogging website easily. You will have that necessary experience... 


by Ruby for Book Reviews Web

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