Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Vanity Fair by William Thackeray

How many of us actually read this novel without compulsion? I guess that will be about 20%, maybe... Vanity Fair is a bulky novel and it has some hardcore writing which cannot be tolerated by the casual readers who want to enjoy the juice without tasting even a single seed going inside the mouth with the liquid. On the other hand, for the classic readers who are hardcore readers themselves, Vanity Fair will certainly prove to be one masculine novel with a female leading the characters... Rebecca... and no other person affects the minds of the readers in this novel like she does. 

There are so many characters in the novel and this is one of the reason that casual readers just shoo themselves away of it - who will remember so many names? However, those who care to take the reading challenge and complete reading it, they are served with a very well-designed plot, a few twists which keep the novel interesting and also a doctrine - there is nothing wrong if there is nothing right! 

Amelia Sedley... you might feel pity for this woman. She is genuine and not cunning as Becky is. However, she gets nothing beneficial in return except one thing - true love and that also at the end of the novel. Becky, on the other hand, enjoys a high-end life with money and infamous fame. Becky is sincere in her mischief and Emmy, on the other hand, is a God-fearing child and she doesn't even care to understand that Dobbin is in love with her!

Coming to the idea of the novel, Vanity Fair is subtitled as 'a novel without a hero'. And so, you or he or she or anyone can simply magnify it to the point that Becky must be the lead because she is there to win the duels. However, we must also realise that the author himself might be acting as a hero - the fate. The fate which shows sympathy for the orphan child and does not show any sincere love for a poor Emmy! 

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review and commentary by Sudha for Book Reviews Web

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