Wednesday, 27 June 2018

BookWorms are here!

Hey guys... there are many websites on the internet which go on producing quality book reviews for the lovers of books and literature. However, how many of the websites actually appeal to the visitors aesthetically as well as content-wise? We have traced websites (relatively new) - BookWorm Reviews. The websites will certainly go on becoming one of the best book reviews blogs in India! Are you ready to know more about it? 

BookWorm is a platform for the lovers of fiction, non-fiction, scholarly and intellectual books as well as interesting literary facts and figures. It has a very slick design which features, on the homepage, a stylish list of the recent articles, reviews and posts with the cover image which will certainly look attractive to the readers. 

When we read a few of the articles published on this book review website, we were certainly impressed with the quality as well as the style of writing. They offer the readers a detailed (but succinct) analysis of the book being reviewed and then slip into the pros and cons of the book. If anything is better, that's appreciated and the things which lighten the appeal of the book is criticised without any prejudice or bias. Moreover, the readers can also get the link of the book directly to Amazon to buy the book if they like. 

The most impressive thing that we found on the website is the ability to dig deep into the archives and bring the reviews of quality classics as well as the contemporary books simultaneously. You will seldom find this depth and awareness in any other book blogging platforms. Only the top book reviewers in India have this ability to research and bring the best content to the readers. 

BookWorm Reviews is certainly destined to go far and keep serving the readers with many book reviews for many years and making their lives easy by guiding them what to read and what to skip. We will keep a close eye on their improvement and maybe, in the future, we also run some stage-sharing programs with them. You can also visit their website and look what they do by pointing your browser to 

Thanks for reading this article! Many more book reviews are coming! 

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