Sunday, 10 June 2018

The History of Sexuality by Foucault

This book, to be frank, does nothing more than letting the readers know exactly what it claims - 'when' of the sexual discourse. Victorian regime came up with the idea of secrecy and a kind of censorship which brought upon an unholy 'holistic' idea. Sex and sexuality need not be discussed in the public as it might damage the understanding of people and it will bring a horrible situation in the society. Sexuality only happened to exist freely after the advent of modernism and then post-modernism and then the freedom. 

Michael Foucault, in his book The History of Sexuality, traces the successive mountain climbing in the terms of discourse and dictation of sexuality. This is the first volume - An Introduction and it was followed by five other volumes. 

The introductory volume lays the foundation for the readers. They can use the book to understand what Foucault thinks of what and what he attributes to when. Once you understand the basics, understanding other volumes by him in this series will become further easier. 

In part four of this book, The Deployment of Sexuality, the author writes four chapters - objective, method, domain, periodization. In each of these chapters, he explains very well the ideas of sexuality. 

Nevertheless, the book is written in a scholarly lexicon and the readers will certainly have to be prepared for it. This book serves the purpose of only the intellectual readers who understand how to understand the books by 'eminent' scholars. Otherwise, the book will just appear to be a monologue of ideas without head and heels! 

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Review by Amit for Book Reviews Web 

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