Monday, 23 July 2018

Sikkim in my Love Story by Narsing Nirzat

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states of India without a doubt and that's why it's the tourist spot likely to be visited when someone plans a trip to north-east India. However, how many of us know about the tradition of Sikkim? How many of us know the real story of Sikkim? How many of us think how did Sikkim age? To all these questions, a recently launched fiction book can be the answer - Sikkim in my Love Story - a collection of short stories by a talented and popular author from Sikkim himself, Narsing Nirzat. His book has nine long-short stories and each has an equal length - 34 pages. 

To begin the review, let me be honest and tell that the book might not be interesting for the readers who want the books to be spicy, explicit and otherwise enticing. The book is rather seriously written, have serious and sentimental stories and does have a purpose to serve - to let people outside Sikkim know how Sikkim existed through the troublesome and beautiful years... the book, if I may call, is a sincere attempt at documenting the growth of Sikkim in words. Beneath each story, there are many years! 

Narsing's attempt at writing this collection certainly brings fruits when we understand the world Sikkim is through the themes that he has chosen for his short stories. You will find the lifestyle of Sikkim, you will find the people of Sikkim, you will find the beauty of Sikkim and you will also find the mix of emotions - love, pity, anger and fear and many others. 

When you begin, you will be taken on a trip explaining to you the importance of brotherly love which is mistaken to be something else. You will also feel how protective people are when it comes to that. And you will also be served with the love story of storyteller's own parents - story number 3 which is attributed to 1973 in the calendar. And many other stories bring you through the years and you finally come down to 2007... 

So, at last, let me tell you that I did have mix feelings about the book but ultimately, I enjoyed my reading and it was a pleasant feeling reading the stories. You will also enjoy it if you can show the storyteller a little patience and then only he will narrate you the stories along with his beautiful depiction of the flora and fauna of Sikkim! 

You can get a copy of the book by clicking the link to Amazon India below: 

review by Anu for Book Reviews Web 

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