Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Forgotten Shivlinga of the Sati Shaktipeeths

Many times, in the recent months, I have been through religious and spiritual books and some of them were highly appreciable and commendable. One such is the title by Pratha Sharma - The Forgotten Shivlinga of the Sati Shaktipeeths. This book traces the trends and the tradition of Shaktipeeths which, according to the author Pratha Sharma, also had the place reserved for Shivlingas! So, what's in the book? Let's review it! 

Pratha's edition tries to take us back to the origins, the ancient days about which, in the religious texts, there are details that the Shaktipeeths did have Shivlingas along side the Devi. Moreover, she also tells the readers that without Shiva, there is no concept of Shakti - however, the British and the invaders before them actually made us forget the origins of Shakti temples by demolishing the architecture as well as the original forms. 

In her book, one can also find the list of Shaktipeeths according to the classifications - Maha Shaktipeeths and Shaktipeeths. So, those readers who want to know about the religious places known for Devi can use this book as their handbook into the religious tourism or Dham Bharaman. 

Other than the details and the locations, Pratha Sharma also urges the readers to know the real tradition which has almost been forgotten. She feels, as an author and an Indian, that the origins were destroyed so much so that we cannot even remember the actual forms and rituals we used to have once upon a time in the past. 

The good thing about this book, in the terms of content, is that the author has mentioned the places where can actually find the Shaktipeeths which display Shivlinga. Other than that, the author has also mentioned a list of references which let the readers know from where the claims are coming. So, one has researched and then only has come up with something so serious. 

Pratha's title will be very useful for those who are spiritually interested and also want to know a historical perpsective of our religious monuments - Shaktipeeths in this case. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon by following the link below: 

review by Ravi for Book Reviews Web 

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