Friday, 3 August 2018

Books on our reading list this month - Update

Dear readers, hope you are all ready for the August reading challenge! We are up! For the August month, we have lined up several books and we will brief about those here. Our readers and critics will be reading these books and adding their thoughts, reviews or critical insights into these very soon. What are you reading by the way? 

1. Short Story Collection by Franz Kafka - This was a book which fascinated many readers for the August month but one lucky fellow has it on his list and we will soon be seeing a review of this on our blog. Franz Kafka will always remain a mystery for the fiction readers because his plots did not have any clue about what's going on in the writing... Be ready to find a good review for this book soon. 

2. Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia - This is a book that released in July and since then, it has been creating a buzz among the readers as well as the ordinary people. In this book, the author, Lal Bhatia, tells about his days spent in the US and how was he targeted by a set of people and the government bodies. An innocent person's ordeal has been converted into a realistic and fact-based autobiography by the same man who lived those days. 

3. The Guide by R. K. Narayan - We are adding a special reader to re-read the Indian classic novels for Book Reviews Web and we are going to start it with The Guide by R. K. Narayan. You will see a splendid collection of classic books being reviewed on our blog very soon. 

4. Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan - Are you ready for some crime thriller? Well, this one is long and it has about 600 pages and that's why we will take a little time for this book which is bound to be released in September 2018. As we could gather from the initial read and from different sources, the book is based on a bank robbery which goes confusing because three gangs appear to rob the same bank on the same day. Who will win and who will lose - the cost is life and the reward is money... our chosen reader is excited about this novel! 

5. A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh - Are you wishing to read some spiritual writing this month? This book, as the author says, is a conversation that a human had with the two Goddesses of Hindu religion - Saraswati and Lakshmi. Well, we will need to read this book with patience and then we will let the readers know whether this book offers that serenity. However, early impressions after reading two chapters are quite positive. The thoughts and the arguments are vibrant and it will certainly be a good read! 

Are you ready for a good August for reading? We are already up to it! See you with the book reviews very soon! 

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