Monday, 10 September 2018

Indicting Goliath - Lal Bhatia's explosive autobiography

Lal Bhatia's debut book or rather an expose on how does the system function in the United States of America, Indicting Goliath, has been launched in July and it has been creating a very strong and engaging buzz in the public. Not just because the book reveals sinister plot to indict and get Mr Bhatia punished shrewdly but also because the author has exposed how the judges, officials in FBI and crime branch and even the politicians are hand in gloves with the crime lords who are involved in money laundering, black money mafias and even the deadly sins. In short, Indicting Goliath is a full package which tries to expose the corrupt and entirely unfixable nexus of dishonest and the criminals - in black and white collars! 

The book does not take very long to expose what wrong has been to the author by certain individuals, the corrupt system that delivers (in)justice in the USA and also the corrupt and crooks in the uniform. Lal Bhatia exposes one person named Manmohan Wig who turned out to be a foe in the guise of a friend and he also goes on expose some of his own family members who turned against him (in greed). The author does not leave the readers in dismay or an awe by just throwing wild allegations; he gives references which cannot be denied - the court proceedings record and also some of the historical evidence that cannot be challenged by any means. So, the question arises - will the state accept that they have wronged Lal Bhatia? Will the government machinery accept what the Justice Department has to say? 

Indicting Goliath leaves many questions in the minds of the readers and almost bursts the bubble and the aspirations that people have for 'the oldest democracy' in the world! For nothing, Lal Bhatia had to spend almost a decade of his life in prison and suffering the torture and merciless cruelty just because he tried to expose a chain of money laundering involving some very high-profile individuals. He successfully establishes the link of kickbacks that were received by the judges and the corrupt FBI officials who had key roles in making sure that Mr Bhatia, the author, remains behind the bar for long... 

I will sign off by saying that Indicting Goliath, upon reading, seems like a complete book which tries something and achieves it before the end. The author is not writing because he is a writer; he is writing because he has to prove a point and he proves it. And you will surely think that the onus is now on the USA to prove either Lal Bhatia is misleading or deliver him what they denied - Justice! 

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review by Sanjay for Book Reviews Web 

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