Thursday, 4 October 2018

M. H. Abrams A Glossary of Literary Terms - Review

The name of M. H. Abrams is familiar to the students, academicians, teachers and professors of English literature. The scholar, professor and a distinguished literary personality, Mr Abrams, has written so many books and the most prominent among his oeuvre is certainly the acclaimed and the best-selling A Glossary of Literary Terms. The book does not go beyond 200 pages but it contains the most important things that a student might ever need in the periphery of English literature. Today, I am going to share my opinion about this essential and respected reference book. 

The book is not as voluminous as the Penguin's Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory is. It neither contains all the definitions mentioned in that book. Nonetheless, in whatever form this is, the book is more than sufficient for a basic need of the students of English literature. It contains the terms which will be needed for the day to day discourse within the ambit of English Literature. It also contains the important literary theories' explanation and interpretation as well as many other things related to them. The definitions and explanations are succinct and simple. 

What is unique about this book is the definition within a definition. For example, while defining 'criticism', the author has also defined 'practical criticism,' 'theoretical criticism,' 'judicial criticism,' 'mimetic criticism,' 'pragmatic criticism' and so on... This enables the students to understand related terms while understanding one term which is needed for the moment. This is the thing that I would like everyone to know. 

As we all know the scholar that M. H. Abrams is, the definitions by him meet the standards of a high-quality literary discourse. This will certainly benefit the students of literature as well as the teachers. Used as a reference, the book has very much to offer and it does not take away anything. You don't have to navigate a lot to reach your destination word as it has limited but all the essential terms in the vocabulary. The students who wish to get this book can certainly get a copy for themselves from Amazon. The link is below: 

review by Sanjay for Book Reviews Web 

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