Monday, 5 November 2018

Enjoying poetry for leisure... some tips!

Poetry reading has always been a favourite pass time for me. At times, I also read poems to understand things better and enjoy the supreme flow of thoughts. As a student, I studied poetry for my exams and now, as I am just a happiness-seeking person enrolled in verse and rhymes, I read poetry just for my pleasure. And it's certainly coming to my mind that studying poetry for different purposes has different methods about it. So, today I will discuss a few steps which will make reading poetry for pleasure a little more fun and enjoyable. 

A very basic question, that often attracts many and many answers, is how to study poetry. Have you tried answering it? I am not going to fall into the abyss; I will just answer for my purpose only. I will list a few things that you can do while studying poetry just for fun and leisure and pleasure. Otherwise, poetry reading for purposes like exams and intellectual gains, there are other methods. 

1. Just read - Yes, this is the basic quality that a leisure reading of poetry demands. You need to study the poem several times and try to find the sweet spot of it. Once you find the connection, you will have all the chances to revel in pleasure. 

2. Just enjoy - You need to enjoy what you read. However, you don't need to find the joy in a lamenting poem - that is elegy and other pastoral formats which evoke the sorrows. You have to enjoy the flow and not looking for unnecessary elements or not doing any forced deconstruction will be the pieces of advice. 

3. Mark the poet - Or the poetess, if you like him or her. This will make it possible for you to read his or her poems the next time you want. However, you don't need to bookmark every next poet you read. There are the poets you need to skip or read rarely and there are the ones like Keats and Shakespeare that you cannot miss. 

4. Share your experience - You should try sharing your reading experience with others who love poetry. It will help you grow your poetic community and also connect you to the lovers of verse. Having a community where you can share your experiences, interpretations and ideas always feels very comfortable and pleasant. 

So, these are the simple points that I follow while studying poetry for leisure and my pleasure. You can share your opinions and ideas on poetry on any literature forum or discussion platform by becoming a member of it. That will be better. Hope you enjoyed my article. Take care and keep reading! 

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