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Elephants in the Room - Novel by Suraj

Book Name - Elephants in the Room 
Author - Suraj Laxminarayanan 
Published - 2018
Publisher - The Write Place 
Length - Lengthy 
Rating - 3/5

Well, I expected to read something that would suffice for my expectations of being a crime thriller and I, well, to an extent, am satisfied as well. However, the novel did not level up with all my expectations and previous experiences of reading crime thrillers. I will give it to Suraj because he has just begun his journey as an author and I have well-reached my journey as a reader! So, let's get it started. 

Let me begin with the things I liked in this novel. The first and perhaps the best among the elements that create this chaotic but composed piece of fiction is undoubtedly the set of characters. There are coded or you may say encrypted characters who build up the momentum in this novel. I remember the coded names that contain numbers and initials only. However, not only the names but also their characteristics are something to surprise and contain the readers well within the boundaries of the novel. 

The second thing that you might (as I did and I further expect) like in the novel is, for me, the theme. The novel is a crime thriller and it's proven by now. Moreover, it's also something that has been made more than a crime thriller by the wide and encompassing theme that the author has chosen to write on. Crime, criminal and violence are always lingering; what more comes into play is the psychology of crime. 

The plot is very simple and it could be a little more versatile to hold on to the pieces more strongly. I could see the twists falling apart because of the length at times and at times by the laid-off scene set-up which remains hung at only one place - inside the bank.  To further it, the worry, there is the length of the novel Elephants in the Room which is unworthily protracted to an extent that it almost becomes unbearable at times. So, if you decide to read this novel, you will have to cautious. It might grip you and you have to browse the entire length or you can read it in fragments because, at times, it just stops moving. Too many introspections by the criminals become lengthy most of the times. 

I will rate this novel with 3/5 stars. 

You can get your copies to read and judge for yourself by following the Amazon link below: 

review by Santosh for Book Reviews Web

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