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Author Ravi Dabral - bringing the best of characters to the readers

Ravi Dabral is an author who has chosen the path of serious writing for his new innings in life as an author. He has written his debut book, a nonfictional work, on the subject of well-being and happiness. In that book, titled Secrets of a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life, the author has discussed the secrets and art of leading a happy life that he learnt from the Yogis and Gurus of the Himalayan and other parts of India. In his second book, which is also his very first novel, Greed Lust Addiction, he has maintained the same qualities of writing. In fact, if you read the novel carefully, you will realise that it offers the reading pleasure of a fiction and the aesthetics of non-fiction. Ravi Dabral has mixed entertainment of a thriller with the lessons of a philosophic novel - he has discussed, in details, the advantages of chanting, dhyana, secrets of being satisfied and happy in life. Let's know a little more about the author! 

Born and brought up in the Deva Bhumi of India, Uttarakhand, Ravi Dabral was curious about spirituality, religious leaders, Yogis and Sanyasis from a very early age. He used to spend time in the ashrams and listening to the sages. This habit led him to do research on Sadhus and Yogis and their secrets of happy and satisfied life later in his life. Professionally, the author is a commodity trader who lives in Singapore. With over 25 educational qualifications and diplomas, Ravi Dabral is a highly talented individual who owns expertise in the spiritual as well as material playfield of human life. For his services in various fields, Ravi has been awarded the prestigious International Man of Excellence award. 

Ravi believes that Vedic education was a very important part of Indian tradition and we are lacking that in this modern world which is more and more materialistic. So much materialism that makes us forget our basic humane values is never useful or beneficial for human society. In his novel, Greed Lust Addiction, the author has raised a debate - materialism vs spiritualism. Through his carefully painted characters, the novelist makes it clear for the readers to understand that a fine blend of these two juxtaposed abstracts is very much needed in human life. 

Ravi Dabral is like those authors who are interested in raising serious issues through their fiction rather than dragging the same romantic caricature and produce nothing in the name of creativity. The novel that he has written in Hindi and English and the non-fiction that he produced prove it very adequately. In terms of language, he has done wisely. Though the theme of the novel is serious, he has successfully turned it into a novel of suspense and thriller along with a novel of abstract ideas and conflicts within the minds. To support it and to widen his reach among the young readers, language has been very simple and enough to hold the pieces of events together, firmly! 

You can know more about Ravi Dabral by visiting his official website - Author Ravi Dabral 

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