Friday, 12 April 2019

Lambs Tales from Shakespeare - Book Review

There is no doubt that Shakespeare is the best writer in English Literature; he was so and he might enjoy this entitlement as long as we continue to be the inhabitants of this plant. Am I exaggerating? Maybe but I am only saying what I have been feeling all the way after reading so much of English literature. His dramas are famous worldwide and still able to fit in the current context and that's where his speciality is. It's a dream of everyone to read Shakespeare but honestly speaking his writings are a bit hard to be understood by a normal reader. But someone has thought to make it easier for common readers as well. I am talking about the famous book entitled 'Lambs' Tales from Shakespeare' by Charles Lamb and his sister who is often forgotten, Mary. The world of readers will always be indebted to these two fine people!  

About the Book: 
Charles Lamb himself was a renowned essayist and he wrote poems as well. But he has done a good job to summarise the dramas of Shakespeare in a normal form making them accessible to all the readers who don't have so much prowess in dramatic art to understand the free-flowing verse of Shakespeare. That's why his book is titled Tales from Shakespeare. What I like in this book is that he maintained the decorum of language and still managed to create so childish like any fantasy stories that will provide you with the feeling of reading Shakespeare in the truest and even an entertaining sense that might not be extracted out of the stage's seriousness or the drama's versatile verse. Nevertheless, he did not maintain the status quo as well to dignify himself that these pieces are written by Charles Lamb. He simply maintains the harmony between intellectuals and common readers.

It is a good book for beginners who want to pursue a career in English literature or anyone who wants to read Shakespeare. Because the dramas of Shakespeare are based on realism, morality, guilt, conflict and real issue and everyone should read these kinds of books in order to pursue a better life. 

Reading Shakespeare always provides us with pleasure. And reading him through the tales of Lambs provides us with the whole story in short. The best part of the book is Lamb never tries to present an opinion about the drama; he simply translated the work of Shakespeare in an ordinary language that anyone can understand. 

The book is best suited for the readers who are in a hurry but want to understand Shakespeare. Moreover, for the beginner students who want to get a basic idea of his work before going to read the full text loaded with the literary rhetorics, this is an ideal book they must have. You can get a copy of the book Lambs' Tales from Shakespeare by clicking the link to Amazon below:

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