Thursday, 4 April 2019

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - Book Review

In the world of two decades ago, children were often advised to read as many biographies of great personalities as they could. It had a reason - the lives of great people inspire us to become better persons and achieve something more than just for oneself. Reading a biography also becomes important because it is not written by oneself. It is written by someone else who has observed the life of a person from ringside and notes down every possible aspect - pros and cons of a person. Today, I will be reviewing the biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson. 

About the Book:
As we all must know by now that Steve Jobs might be regarded as the person who laid the foundation of a new age in technology with the invention and launch of Apple products. He was also largely the co-founder, along with Bill Gates, of the world that will run on technology rather than labour. In this book, Isaacson records some very interesting folds of Steve Job's life that many readers must not be aware of. We only know as much as is told to us by the public records. However, as a biographer, Isaacson brings very interesting sides of Steve's personality to the readers. 

Moreover, the author has reflected all the points about his life in detail.  The minute and, in fact, interesting details such as the days Steve Jobs passed by just having carrots... are interesting enough to keep a reader more than engaged with the book. There are also many emotional episodes in the book that will let the readers realise the harsh realities behind the glimmer of glamour and fast life that takes no prisoners. Steve Jobs also saw many ups and downs in his life but the book certainly gives us many reasons to feel motivated in life and having our eyes on the target. With information, the book is also packed with motivation. The language used by the author is contemporary and one can easily understand the ideas and notions that the biographer wants to extend. And this is the reason that many book critics around the world and many top book review websites in India have praised the book. 

The book is a must-read. At the outset of this conclusion, let me put it frankly and candidly. You will have an amazing experience reading this cleanly written book. Also, for the technology geeks, this book will certainly become a favourite in recent times. If you still haven't read the biography of Steve Jobs, your time is now! Get a copy by clicking the Amazon link below: 

Review by Smita for Book Reviews Web 

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