Tuesday, 30 April 2019

The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie - Book Review

Speaking properly is an art and public speaking is an absolute art. I think most of us are either afraid of public speaking or make common mistakes. There is the psychology behind speaking well in public. From the pages of history, we can pick some of the best speakers who stood tall in front of the public and delivered some of the renowned speeches which are still remembered by us. After listening to them we try to imitate them but imitating is not the solution to the problem. It requires regular practice, building confidence and enhancing regularly. Hesitation and psychological fear of losing is the biggest obstacle in public speaking. In order to overcome this fear, there are certain principles and guidelines. So, today I am going to talk about a famous book by Dale Carnegie entitled "The Art of Public Speaking." This is one of the widely read books across the globe. 

About the Book:
As we all know Dale Carnegie is known for keeping things simple and easy but providing bigger ideas. His book 'The Art of Public Speaking' explore the unlimited possibilities that lie within the ambit of a human being. The only thing lacking is the lack of confidence, fear of losing, not performing according to the expectations. These are psychological hurdles that come in the way of success. Public speaking is an important part of our lives and we have to do it starting from our childhood to professional life. Every situation demands a different kind of speaking style. That is discussed in a detailed manner in the book. 
Whether you are a student, businessman, or in other professions when you deliver a speech you are expecting that the people will clap on your speech. It can happen only when you possess certain skills and qualities and prove it in practicality. If you begin boldly, continue calmly and with confidence and end forcefully, you will hear different moments of euphoria in your audience and seldom will be a listener who won't be impressed by your speech. It is not easy to keep the audiences engaged until the end of your speech. If you lose your voice for a moment the audience will get distracted and you can never find your rhythm back. It is not a conventional book that will teach you certain theories about how to speak whatever the situation rather it deals with all the situations that come in our way. How to speak in a friend circle and how to speak among the professionals and so on... 

Moreover, it does not dramatize and fantasise any situation rather provides a clear solution to all problems. The basic tactics of how to overcome the fear, hesitation and losing are the central ideas in this book and it will be highly useful for the readers. 

The book is really inspirational and motivational. In every walk of our life, we need this in order to taste success in our life. Especially, in the field of business, we need to present the presentations all the time. The speech before the presentation creates a highly positive impact on the listeners. Moreover, between the covers of this book, the author has given us a compact study of the psychology of public speaking. A must-read book for everyone. You can get a copy of this amazing book from Amazon by clicking the link below:

review by Amit for Book Reviews Web

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