Thursday, 30 May 2019

Self-publishing is the new cool in India - Opinion

The rise of self-publishing in India has left many doors open for the authors who want to exhibit their writing skills in front of a wide range of audience in the country. The traditional publishers have almost made it impossible for the emerging authors to get published with a mark of honour (so-called). And therefore, emerging but ambitious authors rather opt for self-publishing and look for their space in the writing industry and hence in the readers' Vanity Fair. 

Friday, 10 May 2019

Developing Consciousness by Nicholas Vesey - Book Review

There are numerous books that have been written on spirituality. And most of those authors have taken a different path to justify their arguments. Every writer has something of his or her own to contribute and this is what an ideal situation should be. Spirituality is an age-long process and it has been evolving since long. In India, we have a very rich heritage in terms of spiritual literature, spiritual science, and the very spirituality. However, today I will talk about a different kind of work in the field of spiritual science - Developing Consciousness by Nicholas Vesey. In this book, the author talks about various ways one can realise the true inner potential and awaken one's soul towards enlightenment.