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Developing Consciousness by Nicholas Vesey - Book Review

There are numerous books that have been written on spirituality. And most of those authors have taken a different path to justify their arguments. Every writer has something of his or her own to contribute and this is what an ideal situation should be. Spirituality is an age-long process and it has been evolving since long. In India, we have a very rich heritage in terms of spiritual literature, spiritual science, and the very spirituality. However, today I will talk about a different kind of work in the field of spiritual science - Developing Consciousness by Nicholas Vesey. In this book, the author talks about various ways one can realise the true inner potential and awaken one's soul towards enlightenment.

About the Book:
The title of the book is 'Developing Consciousness' that exhibits some patterns to readers. Developing true consciousness is a long process that takes at least twenty to thirty years. Before falling into the empty oceans of thoughts discussed in the book, let's discuss what the author has done in this book?

The author has divided the book into five chapters namely, Consciousness and Reality, The Mind, Spirituality, The Tradition of Mystic Reality, Past Present and Future. Each chapter defines a different kind of settings and provides a road map to consciousness. From the beginning to the end it tries to break the established rules and present the ideas in a contemporary way or rather a modernist way so that the readers from this modern world can grasp conveniently. 

Nicholas Vesey was an Anglican Preist. And in my honest opinion, he is favouring a certain religion than to present the real picture of how to develop your consciousness. He tries to explain ancient theories and practical teachings of Indian philosophy is not worthy enough to guide you in the way to enlightenment. He supposed to express his own experience with the readers. Once he said the things I am experiencing you can not experience the same. However, on other times he expresses as these are the way to do this. How can it be possible, this is a contradiction in itself. More or less author has tried to create an illusion between the reality of spiritualism and fake spiritualism. 

The subtitle of the book is A roadmap of the journey to enlightenment. But in my words, indeed it provides a road map but links nowhere. A kind of road that can misguide you to a different path from where you can look back but find a way back. It neither develops your consciousness nor provides a road map. Simply, this book creates a dilemma that can connect to readers because of a contemporary style of writing. If you want to read the book, you can find it here on Amazon India:

review by Amit for Book Reviews Web

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