Thursday, 30 May 2019

Self-publishing is the new cool in India - Opinion

The rise of self-publishing in India has left many doors open for the authors who want to exhibit their writing skills in front of a wide range of audience in the country. The traditional publishers have almost made it impossible for the emerging authors to get published with a mark of honour (so-called). And therefore, emerging but ambitious authors rather opt for self-publishing and look for their space in the writing industry and hence in the readers' Vanity Fair. 

With times that are complex, people often need guides or leaders or platforms that can show them the right path. The self-publishing industry is also a very complex web of lies and truths that is too much for newcomers to decipher and they often get caught in the fix. What to do? How to do it? With whom? What price? Cost-friendly or service-friendly? There are many questions that most of the authors going to be self-published for the first time have in their mind. Who will answer these complex questions? 

For all those seeking answers to their queries regarding self-publishing in India, here is a platform that will help them understand the basics and the advanced aspects of the self-publishing industry with clarity. Fully developed in India and mainly dedicated to the Indian authors interested in self-publishing, this platform will help authors with the process of self-publishing, will find the best deals on their behalf and make sure the authors get the cheapest possible deal with the maximum advantages. So, are you going to join the Self-publishing Network? 

This network will also help the authors in finding the best self-publishing company in India according to their requirements. Many times, many readers have different requirements. Likewise, the authors also have many different requirements at times. Sometimes an author wants to be published just and nothing else. AT times, an author may want to publish with bundled marketing. So, according to their needs, Self-publishing Network will help them find the most suitable publishing house. If you are an author looking for self-publishing, you MUST join the self-publishing network and make your publishing dreams come true. 

Self-publishing is no more a lowly thing in India. Many self-published authors have gone on to win major awards and brought name and fame to Indian fiction. So, you can only hope for this industry to rise and rise as of now. Yes, when situations change and people start over publishing or the quality drops, then only there will be changes in the industry. Until then, the work is up! 

feature by Amit for Book Reviews Web 

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