Wednesday, 21 August 2019

13 Untitled and Weird Poems - Alok Mishra - Book Review

The poetry collection by Alok Mishra, 13 Untitled and Weird Poems, has been a lingering read for me. It demanded mental exercise and I complied. However, even after that, it remained a mystery to a great extent. What could the messages mean? What did the intriguing plots suggest?  Cryptic poems really leave your mind in a mess and getting out of it becomes very difficult because different people view poetry differently. Unlike novel where a common consensus might be possible, a common consensus in poetry is remotely impossible. So, how did I like the book 13 Untitled and Weird Poems? Let me share that with you all. 

As the title openly announces, there are only 13 poems in the collection and it won't take more than half an hour of your time (only if you are a terribly slow reader) to finish it. However, when it comes to reading and understanding these poems, you will have to spend quite a few hours... poems are mystic, cryptic and unconvincing and that's why it takes too much of effort from the reader. 

However, once you somehow go through it with a rough idea, the second reading makes the complex a little easier to understand. As a reader, you begin to walk through the various layers of the poems because there are openings here and there that help you reach the inner layers and the core of the poems. Mostly, the poems tell about the degeneration of humanity and a loss of faith that has damaged our mind and heart. I am sure your interpretation will also find something very near to mine. I think so. 

In the end, let me say that you only end up wanting more of such poems because the collection has just 13 and it ends abruptly as well. So, hope that the poet comes out with another collection of poems very soon and also that he makes the poems a little easier for the readers to understand. All the best! 

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