Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Crime Thriller Fiction in India - opportunities for new authors

In Indian English fiction, the sudden rise of readers' interest in crime thriller fiction has left many authors answerless because the demand of the readers is not very easy to cater. Readers have become smart, conscious and also very careful about what they read in the name of fiction. It is no more the age of 90s when movie producers and directors used the same theme of revenge and romance time and again and the audience still did not get bored of it. Today, if you repeat something, you lose your charm and readers won't think about reading your work again. In short, it has become too challenging for the authors to produce entirely new crime thriller literature every time they write something. 

Thinking from the other side of the spectrum, this rise in the demand of new literature has also opened the pandora box of opportunities for the emerging authors who understand how to produce quality crime thriller novels. Chetan Bhagat and Ashwin Sanghi are exceptions. They have a different level of production and an entirely different level of craft. Nonetheless, emerging authors in this genre are the ones like of Ravi Dabral, author of Greed Lust Addiction, who have taken huge advantage of the demand of readers in recent years. 

It is no surprise that authors like Ravi find themselves on the prestigious list of best crime thriller novelists in India just after the publication of debut novel. It sends a strong message to the emerging authors that they should keep trying and try to fill the void of supply that has been generated by the surge in demand and industry's failure to fill that in. 

Major parts of a modern crime thriller novel are the elements of suspense, murders and then possible redemption or revenge. In some cases, there are also love affairs, love triangles and couple issues that act as the central force in crime thriller fiction. Example of such kind of literature is Chetan Bhagat. Ashwin Sanghi is on a different level with a mixture of ancient and modern. 

The way it is rising, crime thriller fiction is supposed to surpass all other genres of novels in India. Many authors are trying to create something that can keep their readers interested for the whole time. However, it is no more possible to do so with dramatic novels like The Guide or Coolie. It has to be beyond drama; it has to translate into the emotions and mix with reader's daily thoughts to succeed. So, what crime thriller novels are on your target this week? All the best! 

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