Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life - Aparna Tulpule - Review

Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life is a book authored by Aparna Tulpule. She calls herself a logic enthusiast and the purpose of writing this book is to share her opinions with others. Well, once you start reading the book from the beginning, you can seldom stop yourself from believing that the work you are currently reading is highly interesting, engaging as well as compelling. Though the book can certainly be categorised as a non-fiction work or even academic work, there is no lack of interesting content - I would say it's way better than reading the regular romantic novels that have made me older before time! 

The book begins with a very interesting question - what is logic? Then it takes us through various pauses and halts, defining and distinguishing various aspects and prospects of logic and finally ending with some cautions that one must exercise. You will come across various examples and interesting references. I thought sharing some of them might certainly be helpful for the readers of this blog: 

9/11 - Numbers Game (Chapter 14) 
Facts First or Theory (Chapter 13) 
Guess Who (Chapter 1 and appearing again at times) 

There are many other subchapters or you can say them as concepts that occur in the book in very interesting ways. Aparna has done her best with the content and content delivery. She has made a compelling book out of certain academic ideas. Nevertheless, reading the book will certainly open the readers to new thinking - are we being logic enough on odd days or we just don't know enough of logic? 

To support the content, there are many diagrams and examples in the book. You may find some interesting mathematics as well. If you are not interested in maths, just skip the pages and move ahead. You will have enough interesting things to read even without messing your head with maths - I am not very good at numbers! :) 

At last, I would love to recommend this book to everyone who is thinking of reading something interesting and unique. This might not be a work of imagination or a novel. However, read this book and see how interesting a book based on facts and figures can be! You will be impressed by the content for sure. Aparna has done very commendable in introducing logic to a common guy like me and she will impress you too. I am sure that Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life deserves a reading! You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India: 

review by Rajnish for Book Reviews Web 
(among the leading book review websites in India)

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