Sunday, 10 November 2019

Demythsifying Myths by Amit Bagaria - Book Review

Dear readers, I hope the days have been eventful for you. I am back with a book review of a book I read recently and I am sure it will ring the bells for you as well. Demythsifying Myths: Demystifying 18 Myths about India is a title that has been written by a very popular, and emerging in the recent months, author Amit Bagaria from India. This book offers the readers various truths and post-truths that the ‘system’ and system savers have kept from all of us.

By writing bogus histories and by creating the aura even on the ugly faces of evil, many people with vested interests have tried to their best to safeguard some secrets that have been lidded-off by Amit Bagaria in his book Demythsifying Myths. And please keep in mind the very subtitle of the book, that entails the title and clarifies what the book might do - Demythsifying Myths: Demythsifying Myths: Demystifying 18 Myths about India. This book will dig deep into 18 myths that we usually believe to be true in the Indian context. Here is a highlight of what you might find in the book: 

1. Truths about Gandhi 

2. Truths about Nehru 
3. Truths about Indian National Congress Party 
4. Truths about scams under UPA government 
5. Myths about Democracy - President vs Prime Minister rule in a democracy 
6. General myths about India - Kashmir, Hindu Rashtra, Hindi, Ancient India, and others 

If you are looking to get the paperback copy of this quality non-fiction book, then you will certainly be happy to find that the glossy pages have rightly done the appropriate justice with the subject and the content of the book. Amit Bagaria’s ideas are frank, candid and maybe politically inconvenient and incorrect. However, whatever he has written will resonate with many Indians who have been listening to the gossips and under-the-bed talks for many years. Amit Bagaria questions the title of Rashtrapita to ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi and I have also put Mahatma under inverted commas because the author questions this title as well. Amit has done well to expose that India under the UPA-1 and 2 has suffered massive scams that were not highlighted as Coal and 2G scams. He also argues at length about the two forms of democracy - Presidential and Prime Ministerial. 

To conclude, the review of this book, I will just say that the author has inserted many things in his book that will interest the readers and engage them enough to stay motivated and read the book thoroughly. I will recommend this book to young readers who have not read the right history in their schools or colleges. It is the time that you learn some bitter chapters and face the hard facts of Indian history which may well shake your intellect that you gathered hitherto. You can read more about the book and read its review by a professional book critic here: 

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