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I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies by Amit Bagaria - Review

I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies is a non-fiction title written by a famous author from India, Amit Bagaria. He has been publishing a number of books on various international and national issues in recent months. His title is a voluminous book that details the details about spies, their work profile, their life, their skills and also about various international intelligence agencies and their major achievements in terms of successful operations. So, the book has a special genre and all those who love watching James Bond and Ethan Hunt movies on TV will like reading this book too. The book has earned appreciation from the leading book review websites in India

The book has many chapters and all of them are based on the intelligence agencies ranked by Amit from number 1 to number 20. Moreover, two introductory chapters are also there - introduction and life of a spy. In the beginning chapters, the author has told the readers about the basics of the personality of a spy - how does he live? What does he do to gather intel? How does a spy look like? What are the major works of a spy and so on... In the chapter just before this, the author talks about the introductory knowledge that one should have about the spies and their jobs, intelligence agencies and their lexicon. This chapter, the first one, will help the readers further. 

Amit Bagaria tells the readers that a spy does not always fight like we see them doing on the screen. A spy, Amit says, collects information or performs the assigned duties that require hard work, patience and sometimes mixing up with people around. Also, the author says, the spies have to work behind the desk rather than walking around and battling with goons on the roads and chasing them sitting on the flaps of an airplane! So, in short, Amit has tried to bust this glamour around the life of a spy that we often see on the screen. 

Amit Bagaria in his book I-Spy: A peep into the World of Spies has also ranked the top intelligence agencies in the world. He has kept MI6 at the top and CIA on the second spot. However, Indian agency RAW has been kept on number 9, and it might surprise the readers because it is 4 steps below ISI - the notorious Pakistani agency. 

The book details major operations by the top 20 intelligence agencies in the world and you can read about them one by one. Also, the book offers many events and information that might surprise you and also let you have an idea of the prowess that spies possess to make changes in the world according to the needs of the nations and the world-order to be maintained. 

To sum up, the book is an interesting one for the readers who love reading about spies and intelligence agencies and also about global politics. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

review by Satish Verma for Book Reviews Web

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