Thursday, 24 December 2020

Random Curiosity by Yash Pal with Rahul Pal – Book Review

What can you ask? How random can your questions be? What would it be if someone can answer all your questions? How wonderful it might be if there is a source like Alexa that can answer all your questions... well, well, well... Alexa or Siri or Google works with the internet and what happens if there is no internet... if you want to know facts which you might be curious to know anytime and if you don't want to be messed with the Internet, you can have a book Random Curiosity written by Yash Pal and Rahul Pal. This book offers you most of the answers that you might have questions for...

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Gautam Rajrishi – the new rising phenomenon in Hindi-Urdu poetry

If you are a regular reader of Hindi literature, you must have come across Neela Neela, a collection of poems in Hindi and Urdu. With the popularity of Neela Neela, Gautam Rajrishi's personal fame has also shot very high among youths, readers of Hindi contemporary fiction and also the critics of literature. Gautam's writing is contemporary, his style is modern and yet, he can invoke all those traditional sentiments in his readers with his call to emotion techniques that he uses in his poems very often. If you love reading Hindi literature and you haven't read Gautam yet, it's the time that you do so!


Thursday, 10 December 2020

Happimess by Biswajit Banerji is way beyond a short story collection – an opinion

I have been reading short story collections for many years now and this year has not been an exception. I have read about 4 short story collections this year and two of them were by Indian authors. One was by Dr Prema Raghavan and another was by Biswajit Banerji, the author of Happimess, a short story collection that comes with a promise to surprise you, at the very beginning.


And it does what it promises to do. Without spoiling any part of the reading pleasure that readers may extract from Hapimess, let me brief about the book in this article.

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Digital or physical? What publication mode should an author choose?

Well, if you are a new author who has to understand the abcd of writing industry, you should rather be going for digital publication without any second thoughts. The writing industry in India, more than anywhere else, is not too straightforward and simple for the new talents who begin their journey.


Once you are published, then only you can realise why did I say so. And therefore, investing too much money in getting your paperback or hardback published might be a very costly deal that may compel you to leave writing industry right away... after making your hasty debut!

Friday, 4 December 2020

Women Novelists and Women Identity – two novels that you should read

Women have led the ways when it required so; in India, it has been normal for women to take the leader's role and show the right path to the society, on many occasions. In Indian English literature also, women have often taken the responsibility of showing their plight, might and right when they wanted to. Recently, in 2020, there were many novels by women that were published.


However, two novels that caught the attention of people were the ones that dealt with the issues of women identity, the ambition of women and their right to prove themselves. The best part about these two novels that will be introduced here is that these novels are comic in nature and do not overpower the readers' will to continue reading with the bombardment of over-intellectual jargon decorated with an unnecessarily elevated lexicon. So, let's go and get introduced to these two must-read novels written by two women authors.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Author Aurijit Ganguli brings quality of fiction and entertainment together...

Coming from a literary background and having an education predominantly in the literary domain always vexed me... about the present state of Indian literature irrespective of language. I often question the authors who are writing these days. Be it Chetan Bhagat or Amish Tripathi or even Amitav Ghosh, where are the values we look for? Where are the qualities in your literature that can guide the readers towards deciding what is right and wrong? I am not even naming those who are only busy with their sensual, sizzling and abject leisure literature. However, the ones who are famous, 'powerful' and celebrities, what are they doing? Amidst such crisis, there are also the ones who are not established and just emerging but they are offering more value and qualities in their produced works. One such novelist is Aurijit Ganguli and today I am writing about him. He has published his debut work The Shambala Sutras recently.


Saturday, 15 August 2020

Best book to study literary theory and criticism – yes, the Peter Barry book!

Are you a student of English literature? If your answer is yes, you are probably looking for some overwhelming book that might open a Pandora's box of simple and comprehensive ideas and make you understand literary theory and literary criticism... and that is why you are here because you want to know if such a book exists. Yes, the answer is yes and there is a book which has been recommended time and again by many literary scholars, experts and modern-day literary influencers who think that Peter Barry's book, Beginning Theory, does not only solve the basics like what is literary theory but also offers a comprehensive insight into things which are complicated in nature and take a full week of regular lectures by experts to be clarified. 

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Contemporary Indian Authors I recommend reading – my list

I don't generally recommend authors on this blog. I have been doing a lot of book reviews whenever I find time. I have been recommending books to my lovely readers who are also readers in general. However, this is, perhaps the first time that I am recommending a list of authors, Indian authors, I recommend you should read because they are not only different in what they offer to you as a reader but also genuine, originally creative and almost peculiar in their content. Are you ready to know about the Indian authors I have to write about today? Read the article.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Reviews Web

Business books are generally too specific to be followed by the readers who come from backgrounds which do not directly relate to business itself. For example, someone who is working as a data operator in a big company does not understand too much of business other than the data he or she enters. However, there are the books which are in general in nature and anyone, irrespective of the background, can understand the ideas embedded in the titles of this category. Shawn Vij, who happens to be connected to the great Rajendra Kumar family from Indian cinema, has come up with a title Moral Fiber, A Practical Guide to Living Our Values. Though the book is generally considered to be (and apparently is) largely concerned with the conscious of the corporate employees and discuses business ethics, there are many things that general readers can read in the book and learn.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

What kind of poems you should read today?

Is reading poetry worth today? In the present scenario when we are suffering and suffering constantly, the admirers of poetry will say that we do need to have such kinds of recreational activities like reading poetry. However, is it that effective? Will poetry save us from boredom or it will just further augment the pain? There may be many opinions about it. The idea is simple – should one read poetry today? 

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society: Book Review

The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society is a work of fantasy fiction genre, may also be bracketed with Children's literature label, by Anand Arungundram Mohan, an Indian author. This novel has become popular among the lovers of the fantasy genre and many readers have found this to be an interesting, entertaining and also a well-crafted piece of fiction by Anand. The novel appears to be the first instalment in a series planned by Anand, The Journey. So, we can expect more novels with the adventures of The Nifty Nine, a gang of nine children around whom the novel revolves. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Indian English Poetry by M. K. Naik | Book Review

M. K. Naik's book Indian English Poetry: from the beginnings upto 2000 is a widely regarded book among English literature students. This is, perhaps, the only credible book by any Indian literature scholar that critically summarises the poetry of many Indian English poets right from the beginning to the present time. This present time, however, is relative here. It is roughly around 2000, one year before and after and the book needs a major update. However, for the purposes of research and studies, the book by M. K. Naik is a perfect piece of critical writing that can be very valuable for any student of Indian English literature.

Monday, 9 March 2020

The Girl in the Dream by Pravin Agarwal - Book Review

The Girl in the Dream is a novel that develops in a multi-fold manner. The plot develops subtly with the storyline going back and forth in a dream and then the present reality. Even being the very debut work by Pravin Agarwal, this novel displays a mature sense of fiction and it symmetrically progresses by taking the readers indulgence along with the major storyline. For the readers who are too quick to take the call whether to read a book or not, The Girl in the Dream (A love story planned 500 years ago) takes the course of a dream-reveal technique and the major characters are Vivaan, Riya, Rachit and Swara. These characters are linked in the present life as well as their past life by very interesting and thought-provoking scenarios and situations. Yes, this is predominantly a love story - as the subtitle further intensifies. However, what happens? Who loves whom? What is the link to the past - 500 years ago? There are many things that the readers will find in the course of their reading of the novel. If you ask for my one-word advice - I give this book a yes vote. If you want to know better, read the next two paragraphs. 

Friday, 7 February 2020

23rd June 2169: Will Ztocmi Be Able to Put Earth Resort into the Orbit? - Review

I am not sure whether many people in India love non-fiction or not. However, I can be damn sure that too many people in India would love to read a meaningful science fiction if they are given a chance. I recently had the opportunity to read a wonderful sci-fi novel by Gajender Sharma - 23rd June 2169. Can you guess it right? Yes, it is a futuristic novel that brings to the readers a glimpse of the nearly-distant future - a hundred years from now. Central protagonist in the novel is Ztocmi who is a young scientist working on a very ambitious project named the Earth Resort. The novel covers a timespan of 9 years: 2160-69.