Friday, 7 February 2020

23rd June 2169: Will Ztocmi Be Able to Put Earth Resort into the Orbit? - Review

I am not sure whether many people in India love non-fiction or not. However, I can be damn sure that too many people in India would love to read a meaningful science fiction if they are given a chance. I recently had the opportunity to read a wonderful sci-fi novel by Gajender Sharma - 23rd June 2169. Can you guess it right? Yes, it is a futuristic novel that brings to the readers a glimpse of the nearly-distant future - a hundred years from now. Central protagonist in the novel is Ztocmi who is a young scientist working on a very ambitious project named the Earth Resort. The novel covers a timespan of 9 years: 2160-69. 

Beginning with the introduction of the world in 2169, the novelist (in the form of a narrator) takes us through his vision or imagination of the world in 2169. People are living on the earth, the mars and also the moon. Commuting between these celestial bodies have become smoother, faster and also very easy. There are three kinds of people living on these bodies - human beings, holohumans and robots. Holohumans are robots and humans combined created with the hologram technique. Human beings are lashed with the technologies within their bodies and they don’t have to indulge in hectic movements to get anything done - a thought in the mind or even a blink of eye is enough. There are supercars - talking, flying and ordering food for their riders. There are fly-enabled houses that can take care of their habitants efficiently. 

With all said, Ztocmi is working very hard on a project called the Earth Resort - an artificial planet having a diameter of 3000 KM which will revolve around the sun and it will cater the luxurious leaves of people having bulk of money in their names. There are two central characters who are working hard on this project - Ztocmi and his love interest Zoi. They are both intelligent and hardworking and also ambitious. The deadline for the project is 23rd June 2169 - yes, the very title of the novel. So, is this going to go smooth for Ztocmi? Will he be able to do it? Will Zoi help him the way he wants? Or is there some twist in the novel that awaits the readers? You will have to find it out by reading this quality science fiction yourself. And I am also very certain that many new and established book review websites in India will certainly find the book significant step in the direction of science fiction writing. 

Language used by Gajender Sharma is very simple. He has narrated his vision very clearly and not so forcefully and it saves the novel from being a dogmatic scientific tedium on the readers. The imagination of the author meets well-drawn scientific technologies so that the readers do not have to feel overwhelmed by mere imagination. This is a good thing that I found in this novel. Yes, it could be a little better by reducing the prosaic conversations that eat a lot of space at times. However, it is as it is and the novel is more than enough to let the readers enjoy reading it and I am sure they will ENJOY! All the best! 

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Review by Shashi for Book Reviews Web

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