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The Girl in the Dream by Pravin Agarwal - Book Review

The Girl in the Dream is a novel that develops in a multi-fold manner. The plot develops subtly with the storyline going back and forth in a dream and then the present reality. Even being the very debut work by Pravin Agarwal, this novel displays a mature sense of fiction and it symmetrically progresses by taking the readers indulgence along with the major storyline. For the readers who are too quick to take the call whether to read a book or not, The Girl in the Dream (A love story planned 500 years ago) takes the course of a dream-reveal technique and the major characters are Vivaan, Riya, Rachit and Swara. These characters are linked in the present life as well as their past life by very interesting and thought-provoking scenarios and situations. Yes, this is predominantly a love story - as the subtitle further intensifies. However, what happens? Who loves whom? What is the link to the past - 500 years ago? There are many things that the readers will find in the course of their reading of the novel. If you ask for my one-word advice - I give this book a yes vote. If you want to know better, read the next two paragraphs. 

Vivaan and Riya are about to be married and they are very nice to each other. However, Vivaan is constantly perplexed by a dream in which he sees a beautiful girl who tells him that she loves her and they have been married. An ancient temple from the dream remains logged in the memory of Vivaan and he shares the same with Riya. They both live in the USA and Vivaan is a NASA scientist while Riya is a creative director in an advertisement company. They somehow meet Rachit who has come to the USA for some help for a project in his village in India's Rajasthan. And then, with some interesting twists, Vivaan and Riya come to India. They meet Swara, Rachit's wife and also visit the ancient temple that Vivaan sees in his dreams. The novel moves towards its conclusion very impactfully and the symbolism has been very apt according to the storyline. 

Review with the conclusion: 
If you ask my one line for this novel - The Girl in the Dream is one of its kind work that not many authors can write if they are writing the very first one. Pravin has achieved quite big in terms of fiction's height in this novel. It keeps the readers engaged and also excited for the next episodes (chapters) to come. Moreover, the language has been in synchronisation with the mood of the narrative and readers will connect to the storyline very easily. And that is why leading Indian book review site like Indian Book Critics has praised the novel by Pravin. The beginning, the development of major plot and characters and, eventually, the conclusion, have been written in a planned and perhaps the best possible way. Though the conclusion may be expected once the novel reaches to its eleventh hour, it has always been tough for the reader in me to predict what may be coming (exactly) my way in the next chapter. So, reading the novel will be a very happening journey for the readers and I am sure they will love the debut work by Pravin Agarwal. All the best! 
review by Rohan for Book Reviews Web  

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